Our Membership Directory

Our new church membership directory is maintained on line and is updated continuously.  You can access it through the website below and on many mobile devices, but you must first meet two requirements:

1)  Your name and e-mail address is listed in the directory.

2)  You must have a directory password; standard for the PDF or App; a password of your own choosing for the online access.  (see below for more information)

Note:  Our directory is not available to the general public and access will be denied to anyone who uses the directory information inappropriately.

There are now three ways to access the directory:

1)  You can download the directory on your computer by clicking here.  (Either “save” or  “open” the directory as a PDF file.)

2)  You can download the Church Directory App to a smart phone or a tablet.  Click here to download the Church Directory App.

3)  You can access the directory online at the link provided below.  In order to use this link, you must create a login (your email address) and your own password.  The email address you use must already be in our directory. https://members.instantchurchdirectory.com/.

We also want to include a photo of you or your family in our directory:

1)  If you have an electronic copy of a photo for inclusion in our directory, you can send it via e-mail to Kimberly Dines, kmwerp@gmail.com, or

2)  If you do not have a printed photo, we can scan and return it to you, or

3)  We can take a photo for you.