Third Sunday in Lenten Meditation

March 15, 2020

From the Pastor’s Desk 

Dear Brookfield-Immanuel Friends and Family:

As the Coronavirus COVID-19 situation continues to develop, the safety of you and your family is our top priority. Services for the next two weeks have been cancelled as requested by our resident Bishop LaTrelle Easterling and word from our Governor Larry Hogan.  I will miss our time together for worship; however, I would ask each of you to pray for one another and for me as I will continue to pray for you, our nation and the world.  I would also ask you to read Luke 11:1-13 which addresses the importance of prayer.  Our world is not inclined to pray.  Prayer is not normally seen by some as ongoing communion with God.  It’s a practice left for emergencies or desperate times.

Jesus didn’t come to proclaim an absent God who could be reached long distance in an emergency only.  He lived His life in daily fellowship with God.  Prayer is centered in God and not in us.  There’s a wide difference between what our driving purpose in life ought to be and what it is.

The prayer our Blessed Lord taught, the Lord’s Prayer, is a blueprint for prayer.  It contains seven petitions.  The first three petitions are called “Thy” petitions in the New Revised Standard Version of the Bible because they begin with thy and they center on God.  As the first three petitions have to do with God, the second four petitions have to do with human well-being and are distinguished by the word “us.”  In the last half of the prayer we turn from praying for God’s glory to praying for our needs.  To really learn about prayer, we must pray!  We now enter into a prayer life that is always going on.  We now enter into a prayer life of Jesus who always prays for us.  He strengthens our prayers, He converts our prayers, He gives us the will and the heart to pray.

Remember God’s Love.  Remember God’s Goodness.  Remember God’s Grace.

                                                                                       God Love You,

                                                                                       Pastor John +