Brookfield-Immanuel Snow Policy

Walk Safe

As you know, the storm predicted for this weekend is talking over 20 inches in our area.  If that is the case, worship services for both Brookfield and Immanuel will be canceled.  I will try to keep in touch with via email and Eldon will try to keep the web site up to date – provided we have current.  And if this is the case – stay inside, be careful and be warm.  And pray for those who are not able to have all the conveniences we have, that they might find shelter and food.

For the future:

As a rule of thumb, if we have a smaller snow, we would assume Brookfield might be closed because of the difficulty in parking, and check with folks to see if Immanuel might be able to have their 11 a.m. service, of course that is dependent on someone plowing our lot.

As always, I will try to keep you informed and please check the web site for updates also